Teacher in Charge of Drama – Ms McCosh



Se Tasi O Aiga - One Family - Kotahi Whānau - Ta’i ‘Anau

At Aurora College, we take great pride in all that is, Pasifika.

Our Pasifika students and their peers are able to enjoy, participate, achieve and engage in multiple opportunities that promote the values of Pasifika.

Youth Mentoring Programme

Students are selected to be actively involved in the Youth Mentoring Programme – Whakamanahia Te Rangatahi, as part of the annual Polyfest. The programme was designed in conjunction with The Ministry of Youth Development to provide youth with authentic volunteering experiences that encourage and develop new skills.

Pacific Island Advisory and Cultural Trust

Aurora College and the Pacific Island Advisory and Cultural Trust continue to work in cohesion with each other. The trust helps to provide authentic and purposeful learning opportunities to support our students to achieve several NCEA credits.

Pasifika Heritage Group

For several years, our students have engaged in our Pasifika Heritage Group, facilitated by staff from the Pacific Island Advisory and Cultural Trust. The students learn to; connect to their heritage, determine and apply ways in which to sustain their cultures, appreciate cultural history, enjoy varied Pasifika cuisine, compete in games that have derived from their homelands, and experience Pasifika art, language, song, and dance.

Annual Polyfest Performances – Island Styles

We take pride in the many hours of dedication, patience and perseverance, our students endure, to organise and perform complex routines that interweave the exciting traditional and contemporary song and dance, of Pasifika.

PowerUP FlexiPlus

PowerUP FlexiPlus is a programme for parents and their children. It consists of core fundamental sessions that provide information about NCEA, pathways and the local curriculum. These are provider/parent-developed and facilitated workshops that include array of teachers from all 3 educational sectors, and the expertise of the Pasifika community. Aurora College staff and our Pasifika families are proud to be part of this journey.