In the Senior School, each student will be able to choose a course designed according to interests, strengths, and chosen pathways.

These may lead to one or more of University, Polytechnic or other training opportunities, apprenticeships or employment.

Multi-level studies designed around:

Individual programmes, Work Experience, Introduction to apprenticeships, Mentored learning, Gateway Programme


NCEA Levels 1-3 and Scholarship, National Certificates

Focus Feature Courses for Senior Students

Secondary-Tertiary Partnership – Electrical Engineering, Gaming Art & Design, Cafe/Hospitality

Career Pathways – Catering & Hospitality, Tourism, Gateway and Tertiary Courses

Enterprise – Entrepreneurship, Business Opportunities, Mentors, Sustainable Enterprise

Self-management, Life Skills, Study Skills, Leadership Training Programme

Students will be guided in their choice by career advice and access to career planning information.